Issue 44

world war 3 illustrated #44 the other issue

Edited by Hilary Allison and Ethan Heitner.

Cover art by ICY and SOT; back cover by Barrack Rima

Download a preview of WW3#44 in pdf format

Contributors: Ganzeer,Sandy Jimenez, Sabrina Jones, Joel Schechter, Hilary Allison, Jesse Staniforth, Dan Buller, Clément de Gaulejac, Leila Abdul Razzaq, Tom Keough, Carlo Quispe, Peter Kuper, Pat Perry, Seth Tobocman, Crystal Clarity, Barrack Rima; translations by Eman Morsi and Gretchen Virkler

“To approach the Other in conversation is to welcome his expression. The relation with the Other, or conversation, brings me more than I contain. . . .
If one could possess, grasp, and know the Other, it would not be Other.” 

—Emmanuel Levinas

This issue began for us when Barrack Rima shared his comic-in-progress, “Nap Before Noon” with World War 3 Illustrated, saying we could print it if we wanted but demurring that his work “wasn’t political.” We were quite insistent that we wanted to share it. When Sandy Jimenez pitched his most ambitious piece for our magazine to date, we discovered we had a theme and began building an issue around it:

“Being the Other.”

We knew Ganzeer’s comic “Alien Europe” fit our theme perfectly as soon as we saw it on his website. For the past two issues we’ve run illustrations from the Egyptian artist, and for the first time we are pleased to able to print one of his comics, which originally appeared in a publication from the European Culture Congress. Making her debut in World War 3 Illustrated is Leila Abdul Razzaq, who has been serializing stories from her father on her website. She says: “I don’t draw Baddawi because this story is unique. I draw it because it is a common story that is not frequently told . . . Baddawi is not a tribute to my father, it is a tribute to the Palestinian refugee child.”

We are very grateful to Danielle Frank for putting us in touch with a crew of artists and writers in Quebec to explain how questions of identity impacted the massive street actions there last summer. Sabrina Jones, Hilary Allison, Carlo Quispe and Tom Keough bring a diversity of stories about how we are defined and define others as Other, and how we resist those definitions.

This issue also contains a short section of art we are including in response to the impact Hurricane Sandy made on our friends and families, including illustrations by Pat Perry and Crystal Clarity and stories by WW3I founders Peter Kuper and Seth Tobocman.

We are fiercely proud of Issue #44 and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.