Issue 37

world war 3 illustrated #37: unnatural disasters

Edited by Rebecca Migdal, Tom Keough, Nicole Schulman and Seth Tobocman. 104 pages. Available in finer book and record stores, or through Top Shelf’s online catalogue.

What do New Orleans and Baghdad have in common? One, a victim of Hurricane Katrina; a “natural disaster” caused by Global Warming and governmental neglect. The other a city ravaged by an unnecessary war fueled by corporate greed and our addiction to oil. The radical artists of World War 3 Illustrated take on these issues of man-made disasters, and what hope we have to stop the cycles of violence and environmental destruction.

With contributions by: James Romberger, Art Speigelman, Sabrina Jones, Seth Tobocman, Penny Allen, Mac McGill and many more.

This is not your average comic book. Included in this issue:

Part II of “War Is Hell”, a 4-page comic created in collaboration with a US Army Sergeant in Iraq. The story is told through a series of exclusive photographs and video stills taken by soldiers in the war. This is a must see for all Americans as we continue to pay for this bloody war with our tax dollars.

“Agent Alpha” by Rebecca Migdal gives an in-depth look at the US military’s use of depleted uranium weapons. This is one of the most serious environmental problems of our age and a major breach of international law. These weapons are causing intense suffering to the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, the former Yugoslavia, the US soldiers ordered to transport or use them and to the families of those soldiers.

First hand accounts by Christopher Cardinale and Seth Tobocman who traveled to New Orleans and worked with the organization Common Ground in the lower ninth ward.

Also stories of alternative fuel sources, South Korean farmers facing eviction by the US military and the question of our time: what is Global Warming exactly.

WW3 has been a collectively run, self funded publication since 1980 and has produced the best hard hitting, independent comics in the U.S.

Complete list of contributors: