Issue 42

world war 3 illustrated #42 tahrir : liberation from the mideast to the midwest

Edited by Seth Tobocman, Ethan Heitner and Jordan Worley.

Cover art by Magdy El Shafee

World War 3 Illustrated, the independent political comix magazine, presents its new issue, dedicated to the Arab Spring and the spirit of world-wide revolt it has inspired, at a gallery opening exhibiting original art and new work made in conjunction with the Occupy Everywhere movement.

“Tahrir : Liberation from the Mideast to the Midwest,” issue #42 of World War 3 Illustrated, features new stories by cartoonists from Egypt, Lebanon, Kashmir, and Palestine as well as the United Kingdom and across the United States. The editors, Seth Tobocman, Jordan Worley, and Ethan Heitner proudly present new work about the revolution in Egypt by Egyptian cartoonist Magdy El Shafee, whose graphic novel Metro was banned by the previous Egyptian regime and will be published by MacMillan in 2012 in English.

The new issue also features work from artists present at the massive protests in Madison, Wisconsin, including Mike Konopacki, Nick Thorkelson, Paul Buhle and Sue Simensky. Other featured artists include Eric Drooker, Peter Kuper, Seth Tobocman, Sabrina Jones, Jordan Worley, Sandy Jimenez, Ahmad Nady, Malik Sajad, Mazen Kerbaj, Tayseer Barakat, Ethan Heitner, Edd Baldry, and many others.

The opening and release party will feature live performances of pieces from the new issue and a planned live video conference with international artists. The Sixth Street Community Center will also be hosting a month-long exhibit of original art from issue #42 and new work made in response to this fall’s iteration of the global protest movement, with work by: Tayseer Barakat, Jennifer Camper, Sue Coe, Marguerite Dabaie, Molly Fair, Ganzeer, Ethan Heitner, Sabrina Jones, Tom Keough, Peter Kuper, Carlo Quispe, Malik Sajad, Sue Simensky, David Solnit, Nick Thorkelson, Seth Tobocman, Tamara Tornado, and Jordan Worley.